Do you know how much you actually are eating?


So the haze of winter is falling away and here we are faced by another Spring. Did you exercise your way through winter? good for you! Did you mostly hibernate and are now taken aback by what you see in the mirror? well, join the millions of us who feel the same. This question applies to both factions . Most people eat for emotional reasons or out of boredom and when in either of these states it becomes difficult to focus on the quantity of food consumed.
If you’re one of the many people who have that last five or ten pounds to lose then this is the question that is standing between you and your success. How much food are you eating daily and is it more than you need? If it is and you’ve been exercising enough then you might be able to get by but if not you most certainly will pack on or retain those pounds.
Still exercising isn’t the get out of jail free card that some hope it to be. There is a tendency for some to eat too much when exercising, especially when doing a lot of cardiovascular work. On average it’s been noted that women who exercise tend to consume 166 more calories daily than needed. Doesn’t sound like much but that can add up to 1162 calories a week, almost half a pound! Half a pound a week is 2 pounds a month or 24 pounds a year!! Moral of the story here is that we still have to watch how much we consume even when exercising.
Others still will find that they are not eating ENOUGH. Skipping breakfast and choosing high fat selections are just two habits that will keep you from your goal. Well, how do we change things you ask? Try to change one bad habit as a time ( eat breakfast!) and a food log is extremely helpful in tracking bad habits. Weight watchers has made this concept the crux of their success as point counting is just another way to keep track of food consumption.
A food log forces you to be accountable for what you eat. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just write own exactly what you eat including how many calories and fat that item has for at least 3 days. Then try exchanging some of those items for the lower fat, lower calorie versions. Next, get moving: take a walk after dinner, go dancing whatver you can do. You will be surprised by what even seemingly small changes can do. To be continued….