Holiday Diet Success Strategies


  1. Eat Breakfast! Eating in the morning can prevent you from overeating later in the day. Also research suggests that people that eat breakfast regularly weigh less and develop less chronic diseases than those who do not (Timlin & Pereira 2007)
  2. Practice portion control: Accept that our perception of portions in the US is grossly overinflated. Read labels, use a smaller serving plate and try to stick to one serving.
  3. Practice mindful eating: Most people zone out and eat out of boredom or stress. Before eating ask if you’re really hungry and if what you’re about to eat is worth the calories.
  4. Don’t eat in front of the TV:Yes there will parades and football games off but save all of that for before or after you eat. Eating while televison watch encourages mindless eating.

Tips to stay fit in cold weather

  1. Deal with the time change ( darkness): Stay safe by exercising in populated areas and wear reflective clothing when exercising outdoors.
  2. Find what motivates you: Choose a variety of activities that will motivate you on a day to day basis. Some suggestions are taking a boot-camp class, cycling, walking, or running with a friend. Set goals for yourself and stay accountable for your own success. If you need extra motivation then working out with a trainer might be a suitable option.
  3. Try to learn a new activity
  4. Integrate exercise into your life: Instead of meeting friends or business colleagues for lunch, meet for a walk. Walk around the track while your kids play their chosen sports.
  5. Practice the 3 Cs of Commitment, Convenience and Consistency: We are ALL busy. Since later usually turns into never, try to plan exercise the way you do the rest of your life. Choose a class or facility close to home or work so that you cannot avoid it. Remember that it is better to work out even for a few minutes a day instead of one or two hours a month.
  6. Try to stick with a new program for 30 days because it takes about that long to form the habit of exercise.