Tips to stay fit in cold weather

  1. Deal with the time change ( darkness): Stay safe by exercising in populated areas and wear reflective clothing when exercising outdoors.
  2. Find what motivates you: Choose a variety of activities that will motivate you on a day to day basis. Some suggestions are taking a boot-camp class, cycling, walking, or running with a friend. Set goals for yourself and stay accountable for your own success. If you need extra motivation then working out with a trainer might be a suitable option.
  3. Try to learn a new activity
  4. Integrate exercise into your life: Instead of meeting friends or business colleagues for lunch, meet for a walk. Walk around the track while your kids play their chosen sports.
  5. Practice the 3 Cs of Commitment, Convenience and Consistency: We are ALL busy. Since later usually turns into never, try to plan exercise the way you do the rest of your life. Choose a class or facility close to home or work so that you cannot avoid it. Remember that it is better to work out even for a few minutes a day instead of one or two hours a month.
  6. Try to stick with a new program for 30 days because it takes about that long to form the habit of exercise.

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