Salt: friend or Foe?


Most of us secretly think that the 2 ingredients that make everything tastier are salt & fat. This might be true but there is a fine line between making something tasty and making it harmful by the amount of salt we use in. Did you know that you can retrain our taste buds by reducing the amount of salt you eat or use? The benefits of salt reduction are more important than getting rid of bloat so we can fit into our jeans. Watching our salt intake reduces our risk of the chronic conditions hypertension, stroke and heart disease. Why would we want to do this, you ask? Well here are the facts on sodium: According to the American Dietetic Association, we don’t need more than one teaspoon of sodium per day (2300 mg) and yet most of us consume double that amount daily (4000 mg).

Don’t worry, it’s not all our fault since we get most of our salt from packaged food and eating away from home. To that effect some lawmakers are enforcing the food industry to comply with salt guidelines in various states. Still, there is something good to be said about taking responsibility and preparing your own food without getting crazy with the salt shaker. . So what do we look for when we’re shopping low-salt? Know how to read your food labels:
  • Sodium free : contains less than equal to 5 mg per serving
  • Very low sodium: contains less than equal 35 mg per serving
  • Low Sodium: contains less than 140 mg per serving
  • Reduced sodium: regular product with sodium reduced by 25%
  • No added salt, unsalted: product with no salt added during processing but might still contain sodium.
Living low salt means using all the herb collection you have crowding up your cupboards. It also means trading in the salty broths, pickles, bouillon cubes, cured meats, chips, and canned soups for their low salt counter-parts. So the fact is, the more nutrient dense foods we eat, the less room we have to eat junk which is where excessive salt lives.

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