That Junk in your trunk


Self acceptance is important for mental health BUT everybody has those trouble zones on our bodies that we think need improvement….right? Today let’s talk about our cabooses. Booties. Our badonkadonks. Why does it look that way? well, you can blame part of it on your parents and the rest lies squarely on what you ahem, feed it and how you exercise it.

Your bottom is made up of the gluteus maximus muscle which serves to extend your hip behind you and the gluteus minimus and medius which lie beneath it. They move your leg away from your body. Most people that suffer from a saggy or big bottom are talking about the larger glute maximus muscle which starts from the back of your hip to the back of your leg. These 4 exercises are necessary to tame your booty:
  • The Squat: Stand with legs shoulder width apart and sit back as if sitting in a chair. All of your weight should be on your instep and heels.* Make sure your knees and toes are lined up and pointing straight ahead* ( sets of 10-15)
  • The Lunge: Stand with legs shoulder width apart and push forward off your right heel with your right leg ( knees and toes are lined up). Make sure your KNEE DOES NOT PASS YOUR TOE. The back knee should bend to a few inches above the floor. Push backwards of right foot and return to start position. Repeat with other leg. 2 sets of 10-15
  • One Legged leg lift: Standing or on all fours lift one straight leg behind you. 2 sets of 12-20
  • One Legged kick back: On all fours on palms with knees hip width apart, keeping the right knee bent, lift it up towards the ceiling with foot flexed (not pointed). 2 sets of 12-20

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