Juicing does a body good



Hello, my hard partying friends! I know that doesn’t apply to all of you but I threw that out there in light that some of us…I mean you, will be getting down for the new year’s eve celebration.  So I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that  Friday could be a doozy! The following juices can help ease your belly on Friday and can also be used to supplement your meals during the Get Right Detox.

Cleansing Blend

1. 2 cups pure cranberry juice + 2 cups parsley + 1 cup dandelion greens

( add 2 cups ice if you don’t have a juicer and blend)

Belly ease Juice

2. 2 cups  chopped water cress + 2 carrots +4 beets + 2 tsp crushed ginger

( add 2 cups ice if you don’t have a juicer and blend)

Green Juice

3. 4 sticks of chopped celery+  2 cups kale + 1 cup parsley

( add 2 cups ice if you don’t have a juicer and blend)

Vitamin C juice

4. 1 whole mango chopped and without pit + 1 banana + 1 handful of strawberries

( add 2 cups ice if you don’t have a juicer and blend)

Happy New Year!


Winter body scrub time?


body scrub

Alright, I’ll admit it , I make pretty awesome body scrubs. Bragging, I know but I know it’s true because my friends who receive them as gifts for every occasion tell me so. I even have my very own peppermint-lemon-grass concoction taking up space in the bathroom but as my skin continues to shrivel under these frigid conditions I think I need something stronger. Like a sander. Or a Korean Sea Salt scrub down. My friends swear by the vigorous scrubs they get in Korea Town every winter but I have never been able to pay someone to basically peel me. Word on the street is that they really get into every crevice of your body for 60+ minutes of scrubbing, body wrapping, massaging and a mini facial. Now that notion seems a bit more attractive but that could just be the promise of the warm massage and sauna that comes with it.

Places to try: Yi Pak Spa @ 10 W.32nd Street; pkgs start at $100

Pure Yoga by Equinox


pure yoga

Equinox Gyms has always been pretty progressive in its approach to fitness and their new collaboration with Asia’s Pure Yoga puts them firmly ahead of the curve of many of the competition. This partnership recently yielded a 20,000 square foot multi-practice studio in New York that can only be described as luxurious.

“Pure harmonizes several yoga practices to produce a consciousness-raising experience dedicated to well being. This holistic approach provides a motivational foundation and sanctuary for yogis of all backgrounds in an effort to promote a temperate internal balance.”

I dunno, I will have to see this for myself and get back to you but let me know if you get there first!

Stop and smell the roses….


Dry, chapped and sometimes bleeding lips, wind- burnt cheeks and parched hands are the bane of those of us who experience a true winter.  We slather and oil ourselves with abandon only to sometimes find ourselves back at square one when we open the door. Annoying! Well, we can still fight the good fight by drinking enough water and with the help of  healing moisturizers .


The legendary Smith rosebud salve

Baby it’s cold outside…

runnning tights

Nike Tech tights

Brrrrr the temperatures are bitter as old man winter makes his rounds across the northeast. Yes, I know my friends down south would say differently and I hope it stays that way for upcoming visits to the sunshine states. Until then I will have to find creative ways to layer  my work-out clothes for those rare days I brave the outdoors for a run. Right now I’m digging Nikes tag-line ” Run until hell freezes over”  as I can relate . I’m especially liking how good running tights can make a body look. Hello slimming!

Gym of the Day: Clay is where the stars play


serenity now

Maybe I’m biased because I teach there, okay so I definitely am but hey, they say write about what you know, right? Still, Clay is one of the most beautiful gyms I have ever stepped foot in and  trust me, the list is long. I’ve heard it described as a spa or a social club but don’t be fooled, the trainers and class instructors (moi) can twist you into pretzels if you need serious exercise between fruit smoothies.

Clay Fitness

25 W.14th Street & 6th Ave.

T 212 206 9200




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