What to eat after exercise


Hopefully, you got a look at what to eat before your workout and now that you’re done bending, jumping, squatting, and running what do you refuel with? If you’ve ever exercised intensely then you’ve experienced the soreness, lethargy and blahs the day after, right? Well, some of that can be attributed to improper nutrition before and after your session. Not to mention the timing of your meals which is crucial too. According to the ADA, the goals of eating for recovery should be to:

A) Restore electrolytes and fluids lost in sweat; replace what you lost
B) Replace the carbs used up
C) Use protein to repair damaged muscles and generate new tissue.
D) Begin nutrition recovery with a snack or meal within 15 to 60 minutes after exercise!

Okay so, WHAT should you consume to meet those goals? Here are some ideas:
  • To rehydrate after a session longer than 1 hr, try a carbohydrate rich sports drink as a snack to get back your electrolytes and fluids. Otherwise, water works. Smart Water also has electrolytes and minerals in it.
  • A smoothie made with yogurt and frozen berries is also a yummy snack idea. Or a recovery shake at your gym’s food counter works too. Just read the ingredients so you don’t blow your eating plan!
  • Graham crackers with nut butter , low-fat chocolate milk and a banana is a good snack to pack.
If you’d like more of a meal try :
  • A rice bowl with beans, cheese, salsa, avocado and a whole grain pita
  • Stir-fry made with lean steak, broccoli, bell peppers, onions and brown rice.
  • A whole wheat pita sandwich stuffed with turkey and veggies, low-fat milk and a handful of pretzels.
Alrighty, now you know what to eat before and after exercise, be smart get moving and make sure you have healthy options handy in your fridge, purse, and drawer at work. Exercise can make you really hungry because obviously you use a lot of fuel to do it so you have to replace that. So my lovelies, always be prepared, go forth and be well!

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