Winter body scrub time?


body scrub

Alright, I’ll admit it , I make pretty awesome body scrubs. Bragging, I know but I know it’s true because my friends who receive them as gifts for every occasion tell me so. I even have my very own peppermint-lemon-grass concoction taking up space in the bathroom but as my skin continues to shrivel under these frigid conditions I think I need something stronger. Like a sander. Or a Korean Sea Salt scrub down. My friends swear by the vigorous scrubs they get in Korea Town every winter but I have never been able to pay someone to basically peel me. Word on the street is that they really get into every crevice of your body for 60+ minutes of scrubbing, body wrapping, massaging and a mini facial. Now that notion seems a bit more attractive but that could just be the promise of the warm massage and sauna that comes with it.

Places to try: Yi Pak Spa @ 10 W.32nd Street; pkgs start at $100


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