Sugar Detox: Principles to use


Ok, so here we go. As I’d mentioned in the Sugar Detox post before this one, It’s all about low-carbs. Since we’re only adding on to what we’ve already been doing, I will be posting recipe ideas as usual but no specific menus. To make choosing the right foods easier, we will be working from the Glycemic Index rankings for high and low sugar carbohydrate foods. Just so we’re clear,  the glycemic index describes a catalogue of carbohydrates and refers to how they affect our blood glucose levels. High GI foods (70 or above) spike our blood sugars to extremes while medium (56-69) and low (55 or less) GI foods take longer to have less effect on our glucose. As already  mentioned n this blog, continuously spiking your blood sugar might lead to insulin resistance and metabolic syndromes like pre-diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes. Click here to find a list of everyday foods ranked from low to high on the index. Happy eating!!

April Meese: Skin gift from the gods…


You might not be able to notice it now but about 8 years ago I faced a serious skin crisis. All the late nights must have caught up to me at once because WHAM, I was hit with acne that would make a teenager cringe. Granted I was a teenager at the time *wink* ….shut up peanut gallery. …..Anyhoo, at least I was lucky enough to work at a the wonderful Equinox on 54th & 2nd at the time because they have a fantastic spa. My friend and superstar aesthetician, April Meese, was an indentured servant there at the time and took me under her wing. Using her considerable skill and laser like focus, she poked, prodded and peeled me back to being confident about having nice skin again. Girl has the magic touch! Lucky for me April has her own skin business called Customized Beauty here in NY which she works out of when she’s not globe-trotting around the world teaching people about skin-care and permanent make-up. While I’m not brave enough to handle that end of her business yet, I do think that anyone with skin issues (or not) should have a consultation with her. If you can’t see her professionally, try some of the products she’s recommended over the years

MD Skin-Care.….love the monthly peel and tinted moisturizer



Gorgeous day for some outdoor exercise here in NYC!!!

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Crystal Addiction: The Sugar Detox


I’m not a fan of sensationalism but you’d have to be blind to not have  seen the many books and articles reporting on the human sugar addiction. According to these authors sugar is our greatest vice and the root of many health evils. Before we get crazy with chastising sugar let’s clear some things up. We do need sugar in some ways because glucose is our body’s main source of energy. Without it, we would be a bunch of sad, weak sacks. However, much like salt, it is the amount and form of sugar we consume that causes problems like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sugar is bubonic. It is everywhere! Our efficient  bodies will convert most carbohydrates into glucose so we can use it for fuel.

Still, no two carbohydrates are  equal: a slice of white bread is a much simpler carbohydrate than say, an apple. Why? because simple carbs get broken down and released into the blood-stream very quickly. The complex carbs in fruit and vegetables on the other-hand, take longer to get broken down. This difference is important because (A) repeated spikes in blood sugar caused by over-consumption of simple carbs (sugars) can lead to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and contributes to metabolic syndromes like PCOS, (B) excess sugar is converted to (gasp!) TRIGLYCERIDES…..yep, FAT!! This is bad for both your heart and your waist line.

So how do we detox from something that is everywhere? Well, the good news is that this sugar detox is basically an ramped up low-carb diet. The goal here is to keep your glucose levels even to keep you satiated an energized. You will need the same foods you used in the other 2 sections but our fruit consumption will change. This might be the hardest section for some folks who have a serious sweet tooth so try your best to see the best results. Like with salt, you will notice how much sugar you really do eat versus how much you actually need.

Good Luck and Be Well

Cut Cancer risk by 30% with fruit and vegetables!


I just LOVE when the big cheeses of science support what nutritionists know with their own expensive research. Why? because it legitimizes what we’ve been preaching this WHOLE TIME.  So this just in:

“Increased intakes of antioxidant-rich vegetables may reduce the risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma by about 30 per cent, says a new study”

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma begins in the lymphatic system and involves 29 different cancers. Feel your lymph nodes under your jaw and in your arm-pit? they are part of your lymph system and send out fluids, hormones etc into your circulatory system.

What Blood Pressure?


A research study conducted by HealthFocus International found that 65% of consumers are concerned about their salt intake. However, most of those people where more concerned about salt for cosmetic reasons rather than health. Women especially are focused more on the water weight gain associated with excess salt intake rather than maintaining a healthy blood pressure. The survey found that most people mistakenly believe that sea salt is a better alternative and  mainly manage salt intake by avoiding table salt even while admitting that most salt is found in packaged food. I think that even small steps in acknowledging our salt intake is better than the status quo regardless of motivation, don’t you?

NYers can Cycle for Haiti with Chelsea Clinton


It seems that everywhere you turn there is an avenue to lend a helping hand to Haiti and that’s a beautiful thing. You can spend as little as $5 with Wyclef Jean’s Yele Foundation, $10  with the Red Cross or $100-$1000 to participate in SoulCycle studio’s Haitian relief effort. The Manhattan cycling studio will host a 90 minute ride at 7 pm on Thursday, January 21st that will be sponsored by the Clinton Haiti Relief Foundation. Chelsea Clinton is an avid cyclist who is a regular at SoulCycle so this must be a pet project. One hundred percent of proceeds will go to helping the desperate country and checks should be made out to the foundation. I wanna go, will you?

Day 7: Low-Fat detox



1. 2/3 cup  organic sugar free or reduced sugar granola topped with 40z plain fat free Greek yogurt and fresh fruit + 1-2 cups green tea

Mid morning snack

2. 1 slice of whole wheat toast + 1 tbsp nut butter and 1 tsp honey + 8-16 oz water


3. Two cups boston lettuce tossed with  1/4 cup tangerine wedges, 1/4 cup corn, 3 tbsp walnut, 1 tbsp canola oil , 1 tbsp red wine vinegar + 1.5 cups low sodium Healthy Choice soup

Mid afternoon snack

4. 1 0z reduced fat string cheeze + 1 apple + 1-2 cups green or oolong


5. Pan grilled salmon burger  (  2 cup chopped salmon formed into patties w. 2 tbsp bread crumbs, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp salt and pepper, squeeze of lemon juice) +  serve burgers between two slices of lettuce topped with tomato+ 2 cups steamed broccoli + fruit cup

After dinner snack

6. Green or oolong tea