Detox Day 3


Woo-hoo Day 3, you’ve made it! Lucky you too because our old friend salt will be easing its way back into our good graces in today’s menu.


1. 1 hardboiled egg + 1 cup steel cut oats  simmered in 3/4 cup soy or almond milk and seasoned with a handful of raisins and cinnamon +  1 orange + 1-2 cup green tea

Mid Morning Snack

2. sliced apples and honey+ 8-16 oz  water


3. 1 cup Low Sodium Healthy Choice soup ( lentil or veggie) + Mediterranean salad:  sliced whole tomato , crumbled almonds, olives, mixed greens and EVO and lemon juice +  8-16 oz  water

Mid Afternoon Snack

4. 1 cup flavored green tea + hummus and celery + 1 pear


5. 1.5  cup brown rice  rice +  4 0z blackened ( pepper, rosemary) fist sized  chicken breast + fruit salad


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