Get Right Detox: Day 2


eating wellHello, friends! I hope Day 1 of the detox is going well for you.. Hopefully you’re finding that replacing salt with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and other salt-free seasonings wasn’t so bad. If that light bulb hasn’t gone off for you yet, don’t worry because practice makes permanent. As you noticed, today was a low calorie  day and to balance that you should have kept your exercise activity at a low intensity as well to avoid feeling run-down. In Day 2 we will continue to use the seasonings listed in lieu of salt above but we will include some “energy foods” so that we can increase our activity level if we choose. Don’t worry, even natural foods contain some sodium so you will maintain your intake. We are more focused on reducing our table salt consumption. Remember to EAT EVERY 2-3 HOURS, take a multivitamin, and keep the fluids ( green tea, water or Crustal Light) handy.

PREP: Steam 4 cups of spinach, brocolli, and chard. Boil 3 cups brown rice( use the regular boil not quick boil).


1. Whisk 2 eggs together with 1 cup spinach and spices ( garlic, onion, thyme) and scramble

+ 1 grape-fruit w/ tbsp honey + 1-2 cups Green Tea

Mid-morning snack

2. 1 medium banana sliced and topped with 2 tsp almond butter. + 8-16 oz water


3. 1.5 cups brown rice tossed with 1 cup chard and 1 cup chickpeas ( drain and rinse if you use canned), season with extra virgin olive oil ( EVO) + 1 cup of chicken broth+  Crystal Light or water

Mid Afternooon snack

4. 1-2 cups green tea + 1 handful of almonds + a piece of fruit


5. 1.5 cups brown rice + 2 cup broccoli+ 4 -5 oz ( palm sized) of baked , broiled or steamed salmon ( ideal) or white fish  dressed with EVO, black pepper or red pepper flakes and lemon. * add remaining chicken broth if you’re still hungry.

After dinner snack

You guessed it, green tea!

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