Your 2010 activity plan


It’s the 3rd day of 2010 and I know some of us are ankle-deep in the new year’s resolutions we made a few weeks ago while others have already given up on ever keeping them. But what are resolutions but promises to pay attention to aspects of life that we neglect though-out the year? But would being a better parent, student, partner, lover, worker, friend etc  be the same if you didn’t have good health? If you’re like the millions of Americans who have resolved to increase your activity level this year then this is especially true for you. But 1st things first: what is your definition of physical activity? Simple question but there are some people who count their morning walk to the mail-box as exercise while others don’t feel complete unless they spend over an hour in the gym.  For the record, I think the walk to the mailbox qualifies for physical activity  and would be exercise if you did it in such a way as to promote better health.  Then ask yourself why (if) you fell off the activity wagon and what factors got in the way of you getting back on. When you have honest answers to those questions you can start getting motivated to find solutions to the problem.

From there it really helps to set short and long-term goals based on what you like and what you want to do. As we well know, those two things can differ greatly so having a goal to guide your training forces you to focus. If you have never exercised it’s best to ease into taking a new class or two per week than to throw yourself headfirst into intense training that will only burn you out in the long run. A great short-term goal which has a high long-term return is to get fitter is by doing more of the things you already do with the intention of exercising. For example,  walking or biking instead of always driving, vigorously cleaning house and gardening, extended play with your pets, mate and kids. If you are already exercising and want to keep things interesting while seeing results maybe signing up for a race is your best option. Sign up for a walk-run race if you like to walk but want to learn to run or a bike race if you’re a fan of Spin classes. Also try a triathlon or duathlon if your sports interests vary. I’ve listed a few neighborhood options  for you below. Alright enough jibber jabber, let’s get moving!


Cycling: Terry Link Mountain Bike Race Saturday  3/20/10 Lawrenceville, GA ( all ages and levels)

Savannah Sprint Triathalon Sunday 6/6/10 Savannah, GA

Run/Walk: Sprint for Cancer 5-10K Run/Walk Sunday 4/18/10 Atlanta, GA

6th Annual Pink Ribbon 5-8K run/walk Saturday 7/17/10 Stone Mountain, GA


Cycling: Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic Saturday 3/06/10-3/7/10 Winter Haven, FL

Cycle Flagler 4/30/10 Palm Coast, FL

Mack Cycle Key Biscayne Duathlon 6/20/10-9/19/10 Key Biscayne, FL

Run/Walk: Alberdia Starks MLK 5K Run 1/16/10 Orlando, FL

St. Charles Blarney 5K Run/Walk 3/18/10 Orlando, FL

6th Annual Corporate Triathalon Challenge Sunday 5/23/10

Baldwin Park Half  5k & Marathon Saturday 11/13/10


Cycling: Cycle for Survival  Sunday 1/31/10 (Indoor fundraiser) Manhattan, NY

Ride to Montauk Saturday 6/19/10 NYC- Babylon-Montauk

The Hudson River Ride Sunday 7/18/10 Highland, NY

Run/Walk: Long Island Festival of Races 1 mile-marathon Sunday 5/02/10 East Meadow, NY

Urban Dare Race/Trivia 5/8/10 Manhattan, NY


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