Detox Day 7: Are you with me?


Here we are at the last day of our salt awareness detox week. I hope you feel as good as I do! The bags under my eyes have shrunk, my mid-section has tightened up and I don’t feel as gluttonous as I did last week. Not to mention how strong any salt I eat tastes to me now. All of that is reason enough to support control over salt, right?  Now I know I remember telling you that you could customize the length of the detox program to suit your schedule. However, I  do hope you join me for the next 7 days of fat reduction and the following seven days of sugar control.


1. 1 cup steel-cut oats prepared in 1 cup skim, rice or soy milk and sprinkled with raisins and cinnamon + 1/2 grape-fruit juice w/ 2 tsp honey + 1-2  cups green tea

Mid morning snack

2. 1/2 grape-fruit + 8-16 oz water and Crystal Light


3. 1 SERVING low sodium vegetable soup + 3 cups salad mix ( kale, spinach, lettuce) tossed w/ chickpeas  tbsp olive oil and vinegar + 8-16 oz water and Crystal Light.

Mid afternoon snack

4. 1 orange + 1 handful walnuts + green or oolong tea


5. 1 cup brown rice + 1 small baked sweet potato+ 1 cup steamed broccoli+ 6 oz salmon drizzled with lemons, herbs and extra virgin olive oil

After dinner snack

6. green or oolong tea  + fruit cup ( served in own juices and drained)


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