Crystal Addiction: The Sugar Detox


I’m not a fan of sensationalism but you’d have to be blind to not have  seen the many books and articles reporting on the human sugar addiction. According to these authors sugar is our greatest vice and the root of many health evils. Before we get crazy with chastising sugar let’s clear some things up. We do need sugar in some ways because glucose is our body’s main source of energy. Without it, we would be a bunch of sad, weak sacks. However, much like salt, it is the amount and form of sugar we consume that causes problems like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Sugar is bubonic. It is everywhere! Our efficient  bodies will convert most carbohydrates into glucose so we can use it for fuel.

Still, no two carbohydrates are  equal: a slice of white bread is a much simpler carbohydrate than say, an apple. Why? because simple carbs get broken down and released into the blood-stream very quickly. The complex carbs in fruit and vegetables on the other-hand, take longer to get broken down. This difference is important because (A) repeated spikes in blood sugar caused by over-consumption of simple carbs (sugars) can lead to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and contributes to metabolic syndromes like PCOS, (B) excess sugar is converted to (gasp!) TRIGLYCERIDES…..yep, FAT!! This is bad for both your heart and your waist line.

So how do we detox from something that is everywhere? Well, the good news is that this sugar detox is basically an ramped up low-carb diet. The goal here is to keep your glucose levels even to keep you satiated an energized. You will need the same foods you used in the other 2 sections but our fruit consumption will change. This might be the hardest section for some folks who have a serious sweet tooth so try your best to see the best results. Like with salt, you will notice how much sugar you really do eat versus how much you actually need.

Good Luck and Be Well


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