April Meese: Skin gift from the gods…


You might not be able to notice it now but about 8 years ago I faced a serious skin crisis. All the late nights must have caught up to me at once because WHAM, I was hit with acne that would make a teenager cringe. Granted I was a teenager at the time *wink* ….shut up peanut gallery. …..Anyhoo, at least I was lucky enough to work at a the wonderful Equinox on 54th & 2nd at the time because they have a fantastic spa. My friend and superstar aesthetician, April Meese, was an indentured servant there at the time and took me under her wing. Using her considerable skill and laser like focus, she poked, prodded and peeled me back to being confident about having nice skin again. Girl has the magic touch! Lucky for me April has her own skin business called Customized Beauty here in NY which she works out of when she’s not globe-trotting around the world teaching people about skin-care and permanent make-up. While I’m not brave enough to handle that end of her business yet, I do think that anyone with skin issues (or not) should have a consultation with her. If you can’t see her professionally, try some of the products she’s recommended over the years

MD Skin-Care.….love the monthly peel and tinted moisturizer



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