Sugar Detox: Principles to use


Ok, so here we go. As I’d mentioned in the Sugar Detox post before this one, It’s all about low-carbs. Since we’re only adding on to what we’ve already been doing, I will be posting recipe ideas as usual but no specific menus. To make choosing the right foods easier, we will be working from the Glycemic Index rankings for high and low sugar carbohydrate foods. Just so we’re clear,  the glycemic index describes a catalogue of carbohydrates and refers to how they affect our blood glucose levels. High GI foods (70 or above) spike our blood sugars to extremes while medium (56-69) and low (55 or less) GI foods take longer to have less effect on our glucose. As already  mentioned n this blog, continuously spiking your blood sugar might lead to insulin resistance and metabolic syndromes like pre-diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes. Click here to find a list of everyday foods ranked from low to high on the index. Happy eating!!


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