Galvanic Spa: a cheaper, less toxic way to combat wrinkles


Okay, Ill admit it. I’m no different than any other woman out there that takes care of herself so yes, I’m not a fan of wrinkles. I am a fan, however, of growing old gracefully and using up every natural remedy to do that before resorting to slicing and  marinating myself in things that might kill me. Then again I have always said that the goal is to be wealthy enough to pay a team of hotties to walk behind me pulling my face back and holding my ass up so obviously I’m not above drastic measures. Still, I’m not quite there yet either financially or desperately so I’m all for good nutrition while scouring the aisles for the best over the counter creams out there. Enter the Galvanic Spa.

Now I use some great peels and serums to treat uneven complexion and prevent wrinkles but what I’m talking about this time are wrinkles that are already here. Namely, those frown lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes that just started winking at me in the mirror. Oh and did I mention the puffy, tired book, blog and Face-book reading eyes?Yeah, those have to go too. I try not to obsess about them and I knew I was in trouble when  Botox stopped looking scary. That’s when I knew I had to lean back from the mirror. My friend Kim Atwood sells the Galvanic spa home machine in Orlando but , although the before and afters looked amazing, I wanted to try it out. Luckily for me some salons in NY give you a 30-45 minute for $35.

Maybe I’m speaking too soon because I don’t know how long the results will last but I look GOOD!. The results are exactly what I wanted: rested , de-puffed eyes, brighter skin and like I said, smooth and flake free. It’s like the aesthetician ironed away the bad stuff from my face! The recommendation is that you do the treatments 2-3 times per week for optimal results.  At $35 a session you might as well invest in the at-home machine for  the $290-$325 Nu Skin price.  Apparently Nicole Kidman and other celebrities diligently use it before all of their public engagements. That may or may not be a reason for you to rush out and buy it since most celebrities also hit the Botox pretty hard so it’s hard to quantify their results. I guess if you’re looking to avoid that route then it’s definitely something you seriously should look into.  It ticks all the boxes for me: cheaper than most cosmetic procedures, no toxins involved and I can use it at my own leisure . I know I’m saving up for mine!


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