Things you can do right now to lose weight


Ahhhhh what a relief that the sun is showing it’s lovely face between the gloomy clouds of winter! Do you feel yourself smiling a little more now that the thermometer is creeping upwards? I know I am! But you do know what this means, right? Yep, we’re going to have to do the Big Reveal here soon with our pasty, ashy body parts making their debut in shorts and short sleeves. Yikes! For most people, it’s hard to diet through the winter months because all we seem to crave is the warmth and comfort of well, warm comfort food. Reaching for comforting carbs begins with the holiday season and keep us sated through the coldest months. So now that we don’t have the excuse of holidays to celebrate and we want that winter insulation gone there are some very effective tactics we can use to help us on our way

  1. Eat out less! Do you have any idea how much butter and salt is included in your restaurant meal?? you don’t want to know. Make it yourself  to control the contents.
  2. Eat LESS! Too much of anything can cause weight gain so practice portion control. We tend to eat as much as we see so try using a smaller plate and load up on the fruit and veggies.
  3. Less booze and desserts. okay, who are you kidding with that vodka and soda? booze is booze and has 7 calories per gram which is only 2 less calories than fat has. Not to mention that alcohol can lower your metabolism by 30%! If you have a sweet tooth, skip the creamy dishes and choose fresh fruit.
  4. Savor your food. Eating too fast or eating in front of the tv can cause you to miss your fullness signals. Be selective with what you eat and enjoy each bite.
  5. Choose only lean meats. Your heart, waist and gallbladder are begging you to stop gobbling down ribs, pork belly, and steak. Be nice to your insides and your outsides will thank you.
  6. Low-fat or fat free dairy is best. Full fat dairy can have almost as much saturated fat as a steak. Stick to 1% or fat-free to get svelte. Yes, cheese tastes good but since it’s mostly fat, eat it in serious moderation.



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