The hula-hoop workout: Fad or function?


Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that the fitness industry is rife with scams. Everywhere you turn there are complicated, flashy workouts that promise you a physique that would make a Greek god jealous. But lately there have also been a rash of  stylized  regimens that promise to put the fun back into the tedious necessity of exercise. Now we can add hula-hooping to the long list of routines like FlowFusion Factor, Yoga Booty Ballet, Core Fusion, and  Piloxing. According to the New York Times, what was once a childhood past time is now gaining popularity as a full fledged workout. So far there has been Hoopilates created by Brooklyn based Jen Bleier and now the NYT says  that  Marisa Tomei and partners are  bringing a hoop centered Core & Curves dvd to the market very soon.  Has anyone ever tried a hula hoop workout? would you?



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