it’s not enough that you’re poor, eat moldy food too!


vomittingMan, it’s hard times out there for some! I have never seen so many people scratching their heads about what to they can actually afford. Let’s keep it in perspective, shall we? I have to be just as discerning about where my dollars go as the next woman but it’s on the level of : hmmm, do I cook or go out for dinner tonight? Can you imagine if you had to make the choice between eating and NOT eating? or if the selections of grocery items  you had were only moldy and moldy vs. a shave-10-years off your life burger special? According to this Philadelphia research study, supermarkets in poorer neighborhoods sell more bacteria ridden produce than their more affluent counterparts. So, the people who really cannot afford to get sick and miss work ( well, who can really) are more likely to be at risk to do so…?? The study authors blame part of the problem on damage and improper handling during transit but don’t deny that the food was low quality to begin with. I have shopped at enough “budget” supermarkets to know that this is definitely true ( Hello, all supermarkets in Jamaica, Queens!) Do you have any experience with this, world out there?


4 thoughts on “it’s not enough that you’re poor, eat moldy food too!

  1. WOW. That is shocking and sad. I can believe it though.

    Ugh…the thought of eating moldy food makes me want to puke. Maybe that’s why so many people who are lower income end up being overweight–they buy highly processed fatty foods because fresh healthy food is not available.

    Stopping by from SITS! Happy Saturday Sharefest 🙂

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