What’s the hype behind body type?


body typingIf you’ve ever thought of yourself or someone else as apple, tube or pear shaped then you at least have an idea of what the concept of body typing is. It’s basically another way of categorizing body musculature developed by psychologist William Sheldon. He called them somatotypes and they encompassed personality types as well.   According to Sheldon the 3 body types are:

  1. Endomorphs who are curvy
  2. Mesomorphs who are athletic and muscular
  3. Ectomorphs who are tall, lean and waif-like

So now you know. So what? Well, they have written books on the topic of working out and eating for your body type. They give recommendations like ” do light weights and high intensity cardio if you’re an endomorphs”, ” go crazy with weights and the elliptical if you’re a mseomorph”  and  “stick to pilates, walking and mat classes if you’re an ectomorph“. Is any of this legitimate advice? I mean it does kinda make sense that Pilates would suit a long, lean ectomorph well since it works on creating even more long lean muscles. Or that endomorphs would benefit from from whittling their hourglass figures with intense cardio and light weights. Then again, Sheldon’s body typing also included some offensive stereotypes against groups such as endomorphs being lazy and slovenly, ectomorphs being intelligent, and mesomorphs  leaning towards criminality. What are your experiences  working with or against your body type?




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