You’re SOOOO good looking!!


So my phone is missing which is, embarrassingly, not unusual for my grown self. Poor phone probably felt me pulling away and gazing longingly at the iPhone. Now that Verizon has sold itself to Steve Jobs you’d expect a gadget junkie like me would’ve raced to get one, right? But I digress, the point here is that I covet an iPhone and upon hearing this, my current phone hightailed it to never-neverland. Self fulfilling prophesy? Maybe. How many times have you done that? Spoken, thought or said something only to have income to fruition? Those of you who clamored to read The Secret know where I’m going with this. Let me put it succinctly for those who didn’t: don’t wish bad luck on yourself in thought, action or deed. The things that you vocalize and think about the most gain power with each word and thought. I get it, self deprecation can be charming and being practical will keep you out of the poor house. However, speaking of and acting out your weaknesses will eventually lead to increased belief in them and blindness to your strengths. Einstein once said, ” If you spend all day reminding a fish that he can’t climb a tree, he’ll eventually feel stupid” . Heard that guy was smart! The takeaway is to be your sunniest cheerleader as much as possible. Sure you and I are flawed creatures but so? Does that stop us from being awesome most of the time? Quiet that dark voice that wants to remind you to stay cynical and hedge your bets, the one that labels people ( yourself included) and tells you that being your worst self is the status quo. You’re more than that under/ overeating, hyper critical, snarky, apathetic harpy. Shut him/her up! And don’t do it with a donut, she likes those and will get you back come shorts weather. Stand up for you and what you’re good at!



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