Let it go


The arrival of Spring often prompts us to get squeaky clean and rid ourselves of of the dust bunnies in our lives. If you live in a cold climate like me then that involves a whole changeover of wardrobe too. We’ll get to that excuse to shop in a minute but first let’s chat about the mental dust bunnies, shall we? You know the ones that have been crowding up your brain for too long now. The Should I’s or Shouldn’t I’s and the Maybe Laters of your life. If you’ve been procrastinating for awhile you know how mentally exhausting that can be. Ugh! Here’s the thing about unmade decisions: they take up tons of head space. So whether it’s a decision to toss the outdated whatevers in your closet or one to reject/ accept that new/old thing in your life, take a step closer and just do it. What decisions are you holding back from these days?



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