America is in the throes of a serious obsession. With food. Everywhere I look someone somewhere ( myself included) is talking food. Or showing pictures of food porn. It’s this diet versus that diet, eat this not that, cleanse yourself… Now it’s just a low hum of food chatter surrounding us. After awhile, I doubt if the people these messages are aimed at even hear them any more.
As the scientific world recently pointed out, eating is a sensual act that releases hormones akin to those released when high and happy. It’s not easy for people to give that up and this is especially true if they’re addicted to that high. Food addiction is real, just ask Oprah! What’s the solution? Well as with any addictive activity, change your relationship to it and dependency on it. Replace “dieting” with healthy eating, learn the difference between hunger and cravings, have a full life outside of food, place the emphasis of meals on the time spent with your loved ones and lastly, if it’s good enough to put in your body, it better do something good for you. And not bad relationship good where you feel satisfied for 15 minutes then feel horrible after that. Break the obsession with the importance of (bad) food in your life.



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