Jungle gymRemember when you were a kid, roaming around your neighborhood on your bicycle or in rambunctious packs with your friends? Skinny little arms hanging off tree limbs, unselfconsciously round belly shimmying up poles just because you could? Back then fitness was all about the urge to play and explore, certainly not about fitting into skinny jeans or juice cleanses. My reason for this trip down memory lane is that I believe it is helpful to remember your childhood self when thinking about physical activity. Sure, adulthood can be a far cry from the freedom you felt as a child. Back then the biggest questions on your mind were : “what’s for lunch?”and “what will I get for my birthday?” Okay, those thoughts might still be on your mind but moving on. See, your little kid self had it right. That urge to fidget and bounce around was as human as you can get. Mothers running after and lifting their little ones know this fact intimately. Your body was designed to move, play,dance, love and reach. As we get older, we allow ourselves to forget and “repurpose” our bodies for sedentary behaviors that honestly, take all the fun out of living eventually. Yes, I get it: we get tired! Adulthood is tough! Bills, work, children, partners/spouses, pets, and just getting from Point A to Point B…whew, it can be exhausting to say the least. That’s just external stuff. What about the internal sabotage we wage on ourselves? Convincing ourselves that tomorrow we will be kinder to ourselves, tomorrow we will get more rest, tomorrow we will start being healthier. Reclaiming your child-like zest for life can encourage you to move more, to treat exercise not as something that needs to happen in the gym but as a playful and integral part of your life. Tomorrows are only promised to children. Do what you can for your health today.


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