Waiting to inhale


Take a moment to breathe

As a wellness entrepreneur whose business revolves around information sharing and the provision services, I often find myself cringing at the amount of self promotion that goes into the process. Wait, I should say the “perceived self promotion” because what I consider marketing, some mistake for a need for the spotlight. Now don’t get me wrong, my Oprah-Complex is relatively small. Yes, I do crave a platform because I realize that having a large one helps me to help more people. What is this nauseatingly pollyanna need to help people improve their health all about? Well, it is simple really.

I grew up on an island with access to fresh foods and plenty of physical activity. Those first ten years of life instilled in me an appreciation for movement and for relying on the earth to provide food. Fast forward to a few years later spent in the states and suddenly, the elation of an island childhood had faded away in the face of puberty, young adulthood and fibroids. Fibroids aren’t a major issue for some women while it is a true burden for others. I, unfortunately, fell/fall into the latter category. Don’t worry, I will spare you the gory details. Except to say that after 3 major surgeries to remove more than 20 fibroids, clean eating and enough activity to power a town, here I am over-sharing in the name of motivation.

Knowing something is wrong with your body and feeling well are like holding your breath and breathing fresh air. Sometimes you you’re not aware that you are holding your breath until you inhale.  I  spent many years feeling so exhausted that collapse was always imminent and the constant buzz of pressure and pain the theme song of my day. Treating my propensity to develop fibroids as a lifestyle and medical issue has made that person a ghost of things past.  Many of you are battling more serious conditions than benign fibroids. However, please believe me when I say that all is not lost and you CAN feel better through lifestyle changes, I promise.

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