4 Reasons you aren’t losing weight

Frustrated Exerciser

What's holding you back?

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder why you aren’t making any progress even with all the hard work you do ? As a fitness and nutrition counselor  I often hear the complaint of the dreaded plateau from many..If you’ve ever yelled “WHY isn’t this working?!” then there are some habits and misconceptions that might have been stalling your progress.

  1. Not enough exercise. So here’s the thing: the difference between exercise and physical activity is that the former is planned and usually causes us to generate more effort than the latter.  That leisurely stroll around the mall? physical activity. Strap on your exercise shoes, pick up the pace,  focus on time with intent to get fitter and voila, you’ve got exercise. As little as 30 minutes per day of physical activity  can benefit your health but weight loss requires more vigorous and more frequent workouts.

  2. Not eating enough. Sounds counter-intuitive right? Yes, expending more calories than you take in is the logical formula for weight-loss. However, your body is a lean- mean- staying- alive machine and when you eat too little, your resting metabolism slows down to preserve muscle and fat. You can balance this metabolic effect by making sure you exercise. *A nutritionist can help you to determine how many calories and ratio of macro-nutrients you need. Once you know your numbers, eating enough of the right foods will stoke the furnace of your metabolism .
  3. Eating too much. Sounds simple enough, right? Not for everyone. Not knowing how many calories you should be eating can be trouble ESPECIALLY when exercising. Why? because exercise can increase your appetite causing you to over-eat. Trust me, exercising is not an excuse to binge after all the hard work you do.
  4. Booze. Yep. Those frequent Ladies’ Nights and after work drinks are adding inches to your waist-line in more ways than one. Did you know that at 7 calories per gram alcohol is almost as fattening as pure fat which has 9 kcals per gram? Not to mention the booze fueled little devil on your shoulder telling you it’s ok to have another  drink +pizza+ chips+ artichoke dip late at night. Everything in moderation.

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