6 way to have a healthier day


Everybody is busy. Busy worrying, working, living, planning, wishing, the list goes on with the things we wrap out minds up in. With all of that going on , it is easy to detach ourselves from what is best for our wellness. If you’ve ever asked yourself what you could be doing daily to cover your health bases then this list is for you.
1. Get enough rest and sleep. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you habitually get less than 7-8 hours per night of sleep. You’re also not doing yourself any favors if you don’t take rest days between hard workouts. Consider resting and sleeping the period during which your body repairs and reboots itself.
2. When you wake up, stretch and then grab a glass of water and something to eat. Seems simple but many people skip all 3. Your metabolism slows down during sleep and eating ( something nutritious) helps to wake it up. It might be helpful for you to include fruit and vegetable in your breakfast to get a running start on your day. Stretching allows you to unkink those knots and get in touch with your body while the water replenishes any lost during sleep or via the caffeinated beverages you drink.
3. Count your blessings. Even if you can only name 1, remind yourself of what you should be grateful for on a daily basis. Gratitude is a negativity killer.
4. Choose foods that do something for you overall. There are huge amounts of beneficial compounds in wholesome food from the earth. Keep preparation simple to keep the vitamin content high and eat for longterm health more than comfort or temporary pleasure.
5. Take fish oil. The omega-3s in fish oil are potent anti-inflammatory agents that boost heart health and mood. Inflammation is part of living but wears down your organs faster. For added benefit, include fish in your weekly diet if you like seafood.
6. Get moving and get outside. Some exercise is better than none and will improve your health even if you choose to do yours in 10 minute chunks throughout the day. Aim for 60 minutes per day of activity. Couch potato or desk jockey? Get up and move about every hour or so to get your blood flowing and lower triglyceride levels. The sunlight from time spent outdoors will activate the production of Vitamin D, a hormone linked to lower obesity and depression risk. Always remember that the best exercise is the one you can continue doing. Walk, yoga, run, garden, hike, swim, dance, it’s up to you.