Save time, save $, save calories


Full disclosure: while I like cooking I don’t love it. What I do love is keeping money in my pocket, eating healthily and saving time. Here are some strategies I use to achieve all 3 goals. A handful of sweet potatoes and a bag of frozen veggies will make sure you have enough sides for your protein on most days. So will brown rice, a box of quinoa, cous cous (whole wheat) and cans of beans. Steam the veggies, pop the potato in the micro and you’re done
I buy one rotisserie chicken, fresh salad mix and a bag of whole wheat sandwich thins to make sandwiches all week. I take the skin off the chicken ( I prefer the SMART hormone free brand) and take it from there. I then take whatever is left over and toss it into a pot with root veggies, sweet potatoes, onion, garlic and a bullion to make a yummy chicken soup. If I’m feeling really Jamaican I toss a couple of dumplings in there to make it heartier. These are just a couple of my tricks. What are yours? Please share!



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