Tragically Hip


I remember it vividly… First day of school, sun was shining and I was surrounded by a gaggle of girls who were marveling over the peach skater skirt and sweatshirt ensemble I’d paired with black tights and patent leather oxfords. Mind you, this was Florida and it was at least 80 degrees. I had just started the 7th grade and on that day ( or a bit before) a fashionista was born. Fast forward a couple of decades to a move to NY, a thwarted design career and a need to have comfortable shoes and ya got…well, the pendulum swings between hobo and haute hippie pretty often. Funnily enough my aging self is now seeing the need for heels to lengthen the leg and lift the rump. Hip shades to hide the sins of the night before and quality cuts and fabrics to give the best silhouette. In short, the fashionista is back even if its just for camouflage. Ya know, now I don’t mind if you stare.


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