The importance of rituals


You only have to turn on the news to know that the world is a chaotic and unpredictable place. Heck, the world inside our homes and heads can be even more chaotic, right? I just finished a whining session with one of my besties which went something like ” I’m sooo tired!!” “I work so hard” “me too!”
Look, it’s a tough job market so I’m grateful to have a gig BUT I’m a natural workaholic so that means the job never ends. So what’s a girl to do so she doesn’t burn out? I wish I could say take a vacation but that isn’t an option right now. Instead, I rely on little rituals that remind me that life is not work and work is not life. For example:
I have a serious tea habit that must be heeded very morning. The tea must come before the emails and bad news, thanks.
Also, the morning snuggle with my little Molly is crucial for both of us to function.
Then there’s the pjs, hot cocoa and meditation habit for the PM. These 3 things help to keep me sane. How about you? What keeps you off the ledge?



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