Tiffany’s story: My First Week


Our Fab-U Reader Reach-Out nominee, Tiffany Brown, was given 3 tasks to complete this week

  1. Eat breakfast daily
  2. Drink  a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily
  3. Exercise for at least 2 days ( 120 minutes) during the week

Here she tells you in her own words how her week went…

“This week was pretty good. I tried to stick with fresh foods and definitely stayed away from the processed ones. One of the recipes I made this week was a jambalayaImage with all fresh veggies, shrimp, and brown rice. I also made a low calorie salmon chowder. They were both good recipes and even my husband liked them ( healthy food is not his favorite).  I replaced a daily meal with a salad or a vegetable blend in my Nutribullet and ate lean protein like tuna fish and boiled eggs with it.
 I did exercise 5 days this week:  Three days I took Body Pump (a weight lifting class) and two days were cardio. I tried to stay as positive as possible, which worked for most of the week except for Wednesday. I messed up, was hard headed, and did not listen to what I was told from experts. DO NOT WORKOUT WITHOUT FUELING UP AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE!!! I did and found that this can be detrimental to a new eating plan. I had the BIGGEST sweet tooth of my life after my Body Pump class. I was even considering stopping by the grocery store and getting some donuts on the way home from the gym!!!  I didn’t. I just went home (thank goodness I went grocery shopping) and found my ultimate cure for sweet tooth. I had some oatmeal with vanilla almond milk and peaches.
Other than that, the week wasn’t too bad. I’ve been feeling proud of myself and I actually get excited to take my class at the gym. I feel accomplished by the end of it and when I’m drenched in sweat by the end of my workouts, I have a feeling of, “Yeah, you WORKED girl!”

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