Is Soul food Slave Food? ( Soul Food Junkie)


This is such a beautiful post on the NPR Blog that I had to share because I know many of us grew up eating these foods and consider them comforting. It begins with the question:

“If you are what you eat, if you change what you eat are you then changing who you are?”

It was written in response to the documentary ” Soul Food Junkies” which premiered tonight Monday (1/14/2013) on PBS. Learning ( or being reminded) that the origins of soul food is rooted in slavery when meals were created with what slaves had access to : cheap food made up of left over foods and meat parts was enlightening. Back then slaves needed the many calories those meals provided and the women that prepared them went on in time to create meals for demonstrators during the civil rights. How times of necessity have changed!..yet many of us are still eating this way.Image

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