Sunday, un-Monday


It’s Sunday, 19 degrees out here in Brooklyn, NYC and my strength is at about 60% of normal. It has been a long month

View from my window.


and the work effort sure has caught up to me physically and emotionally; one can only pull 70 hour weeks for so long! So as I’m sitting here desperately trying to soak up the sunlight filtering through my window this morning, I am considering at what pace I will travel this Sunday. The frail as a bird feeling in my bones and slight shortness of breath tells me that exercise might have to wait until tomorrow.

For some of us Sunday is a day of rest and worship, for others it means Sunday Fun day – a day of bar and brunch related shenanigans. To me, the most important thing is that Sunday not feel like Monday. It is a time to re-charge and revive, clean the homestead and relish the fact that I am not at work.  Although, I have to say that this pile of laundry and dirty carpet looks like work…at least it’s working for me and no one else! How do you spend your Sundays?


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