Why you should care about estrogenic foods and products


You’ve heard the term estrogen and estrogenic but do you know what they mean for you? Estrogen is the female hormone that stimulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and mental well being. It is well regulated in our bodies through various fine tuned processes. Any disruption in these processes can cause an imbalance of the hormone leading to fibroids, cystic breasts PMDD, and PCOS. In short, you don’t need any extra estrogen in your body and too little (aside from menopause) can mess you up equally.
So how does this relate to food and products?well certain foods can act like estrogen when consumed! These include plant based phytoestrogens such as soy, garbanzo beans, beer hops, coffee (even de caffeinated), garlic, pistachio and chestnuts, dried dates and apricots.
Certain plastic based products and additives used in cosmetics can elevate your estrogen levels. Parabens in all forms are an example of a widely used cosmetic additive that affects estrogen levels. My advice: use paraben free products and use glass bottles.
Too much estrogen in men affects their sex drive and causes weight gain just like it does for women. Eventually, too much estrogen is cancer promoting. Be aware of what you put in and next to your body.



Ellie.com: Review


ImageHey Gang,

Remember I told you about Ellie.com,  the fitness clothing subscription service, awhile ago? well, my outfit just arrived. Granted, it’s about 3 weeks late but to their credit Ellie JUST started and received an overwhelmingly positive response. So much so that us greedy customers crashed their site!! Anyway, I was more than pleased when I saw the shiny pink envelope in my mail and knew that it was Elie. Finally! So here are the deets: I ordered the Vixen top which retails for $49.95 and Electric Love leggings which sells for $54.95. I chose the subscription service which at the moment enables you to get BOTH pieces for only $39.95 per month (!!). Cool, right? I mean, exercise clothes are so pricey and Ellie touts itself as the answer to those of us who like good quality workout gear that feature all of the same bells and whistles like dri-Fit and anti-microbial fabrics like Lulu and the other mother expensive brands.

The Good: The Vixen top is a sexy take on a racer tank featuring an attached bra. Ladies, if you are busty you might not want to bother as I had to wear an extra sports bra to strap the girls down. White is also see through (duh)

The leggings are a GREAT color and I got many compliments on them. I didn’t expect the fabric to be as woven ( think heavy duty, cold weather tights) as it is BUT they camouflaged all flaws and the sweaty areas disappeared within minutes ( cool!). In short, nothing showed through which makes them a winner.

The Bad: I’d say the shipment time was a bit disheartening but I trust they are getting it together now. The idea with the subscription service is that you fill out a “Style” questionnaire, get to preview new collections and choose the pieces you want mailed to you monthly.

The Verdict: If things go well, then this could be a really useful service to people like me who exercise a lot and like to look fly while we do. Whether or not these new pieces will hold up to my rigorous abuse remains to be seen but I’ll keep you posted!


My arms have been BURNED


20130217-140813.jpgOk,note to self: doing Pilates the day after teaching super sculpt and at the end of a long workout week will embarrass you and is in no way the same as doing restorative yoga. I knew that walking into Brooklyn Body Burn but I was too excited not to go.

Back story: I met Tracy, the studio owner on Twitter and have been harassing her to get into a class for a couple months. As a full fledged fitness nut, I was a little pumped that anything innovative in fitness would come to the my neighborhood in Williamsburg. When she finally gave in and invited me ( Thanks. Tracy!) I took the 1st class I could get which happened to be today, my rest day.

The studio is fresh, airy (see pics) and Tracy is a doll. I don’t know about you but I only go to aestheticians with nice skin, hairstylists with nice hair and fitness people with nice bodies. Tracy is a lean mean Pilates machine! Ok, she’s not mean at all, quite lovely in fact, but she’s lithe which made me warm up to the Megaformer aka Instrument of Awesome Torture more.

The 6 other ladies and I then spent the next hour pushing and pulling ourselves on this contraption until we were shaking masses of sweatiness. Heaven! The class is fast paced which makes the time go by quickly but could hinder someone who didn’t have the hang of it right away. Still, we had Tracy’a cues and followed the example of Marcus, another teacher positioned to demo the moves. Each class is different and today’s Sunday class was shoulder friendly ( or shoulder hating); I can STILL feel mine firing along with my glutes and core. If you want to get tight and lean I’m guessing you can make that happen at BBB fairly quickly. Definitely going back and definitely two thumbs up!



The Buffest I’ve ever been and other news…


ImageTraining for a performance competition is one thing but training solely for aesthetics is a WHOLE other ball of wax, folks. Many of the things I’ve learned about endurance work do not apply and the eating schedule is no joke! My esteemed trainer Amira Lamb, who has won the competition I have entered ( a few times, I think) has been supportive and clear about the expectations. Turns out that the amount of protein I have been eating, although a lot for me, is not nearly enough for the uber-sculpted look I’m going for. Have taken my 1st set of progress photos ( that’s my backside up there) and gotten my measurements this week which is why this headline is what it is: I have never been heavier and I only have 2 more points of body fat to reduce. That means clean eating all the way, baby!!

Tiffany’s Story: NatureBox.com Review


This is what’s inside of the package.



This is the Orange Crush Granola. The ingredients include: Organic rolled oats; organic barley; organic agave nectar; unhulled sesame seeds; non-GMO granola; pure orange oil.
Serving size is 1/3 c. 190 calories per serving.
I’m not a big fan of this one. I’d say it’s my least favorite. If you like citrus zest, then this one is for you. The zest taste is overbearing on the sweet flavor, so it’s kind of bitter.


This is the Wild Berry Bunch. The ingredients include: dried cranberries, golden raisins, seedless grapes, sunflower oil, sulfur dioxide, dried cherries, and dried blueberries.
Serving size is ¼ c with 70 calories per c.
They’re not hard like your usual dried fruit. It tastes very sweet and this group of fruit blends well together. I sprinkle a little in my morning oatmeal.
These are the Masa Crisps. Ingredients include: corn masa, flax seeds, soybean oil, and salt.
Serving size: 1/3 c. with 140 calories in each serving.
LOVE these! They cure the potato chip or salt cravings. They taste just like corn chips.
These are Cranberry Almond Bites YUM! Ingredients include: Oven baked almonds, rice syrup, puffed brown rice, dried cranberries, puffed white rice, cane sugar, crispy rice, molasses, sea salt, an natural flavor.
A serving size is 8 pieces which amounts to 130 calories.
Man, these things are good. Just a perfect mix of sweet and salty. I use these as cereal in the morning. Put them in a mug, add some almond milk, and you’re well on your way.
Corn Ranch Peas. Ingredients include: green peas, corn starch, modified corn starch, cane sugar, refined soy bean oil, salt, natural flavors, dextrose, maltodextrin, citric acid, malic acid, silica, spices.
Serving size is 1 oz. with 110 calories per serving.
Oh My Word! These are AMAZING! My favorite snack in the box. The ranch flavor is so good. This snack definitely makes it hard to abide by the serving guideline.

All in all, I think the Nature Box snacks are definitely worth $20 bucks a month. Just a large bag with different potato chips is at least $10. Why not get something better for you?

I’m officially a meat head and other realizations


ImageSure the gym sessions are a giveaway but what really does it are the 4 boiled  eggs and 5 chicken breasts cooling on my counter right now. I am a MEAT HEAD, otherwise known as a protein freak and it couldn’t come at a better time. A dear friend stayed with me this stormy weekend and as we faced the snowy sidewalks I started having a fierce bout of Seasonal Affected Disorder, anxiety, fatigue, carb cravings and all. So what did I do? Of course introduce her to the YUMALICIOUS beet gnocchi at beautiful Aqua Santa, the Italian restaurant on my block.  Well, 2000 calories, 50 grams of fat and one time stopping belly ache later I found myself at the gym trying to do penance by sweating it all away.  Was it worth it? only during…..the after was a NO. So yeah, I’ll take the moniker meathead for now. Sounds better than pasta head, frankly.

Exercise clothes are EXPENSIVE! Is Ellie the answer?


IMG_4171I have to admit that I, probably like a few fitness folks, have thought of this idea as well: delivery of cute fitness gear to people who exercise or just want to look like they do. Still, ya snooze ya lose because Ellie ( formerly PV.Body) has gone ahead and done it for us! Now, we know that there are a jillion subscription services out there, all designed to answer the call of the busy person who wants to be and live fabulously all while looking the part. Ellie aims to satisfy our insane need to get packages in the mail ( yay, presents!), feel like we’re getting a deal AND look cute while we workout. You create a profile, it matches your tastes to your style and they send you an outfit per month for a subscription fee. Seems easy, right? *More to come once my selection arrives and I put it through the Stacey Test ( aka sweating profusely and training like a fool). Like us on FaceBook to become part of our FabFan club!

Do this to wake up thinner in a week


ImageProfessionals in wellness have tons of great tricks to help themselves and their clients to look slender in a hurry and here is one of them. So you know the endless debate about eating after 7pm and weight gain? sure, that matters but what you eat might matter more.  TRY THIS: switch that salad you have for lunch to dinner time THEN switch the rice and protein you have for dinner to lunch time. That way, you have time to use up the starchy carb energy in the rice throughout the day  while the salad is virtually no carb and gets burned off through the night. Make sense? Try it for a week and see if you don’t look and feel svelter by next weekend!