Tiffany’s story: Week 4

ImageThis week was pretty rough. I started a completely new schedule that consisted of being in two different hospitals in one day in different towns for school. Once that set in, my body just said, “Oh no ma’am!” So I was mostly bed bound this week. I woke up with a fever, sore swollen throat, and my eyes were stuck shut so I stayed in my bed unless I was going to class or letting out my dogs. I went to the gym twice during the week. One thing that I was able to stay on track with was my eating. And prepping saved my butt. I had some turkey meatloaf muffins already made (I found this recipe on
and I also would make these oatmeal microwave minute muffins (found on Prepping saved time from figuring out what to make, cooking, and kept me from eating things I shouldn’t have. So since I did that, I didn’t gain a pound back. I was also drinking a ton of water and for the things I didn’t have prepped I kept it simple with things like boiled eggs, fruits like blueberries, blackberries, and bananas. My husband helped me a lot, he even cooked an oven made beer can chicken with jerk seasoning on it. Thanks Jimmy!!!

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