Exercise clothes are EXPENSIVE! Is Ellie the answer?


IMG_4171I have to admit that I, probably like a few fitness folks, have thought of this idea as well: delivery of cute fitness gear to people who exercise or just want to look like they do. Still, ya snooze ya lose because Ellie ( formerly PV.Body) has gone ahead and done it for us! Now, we know that there are a jillion subscription services out there, all designed to answer the call of the busy person who wants to be and live fabulously all while looking the part. Ellie aims to satisfy our insane need to get packages in the mail ( yay, presents!), feel like we’re getting a deal AND look cute while we workout. You create a profile, it matches your tastes to your style and they send you an outfit per month for a subscription fee. Seems easy, right? *More to come once my selection arrives and I put it through the Stacey Test ( aka sweating profusely and training like a fool). Like us on FaceBook to become part of our FabFan club!


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