I’m officially a meat head and other realizations


ImageSure the gym sessions are a giveaway but what really does it are the 4 boiled  eggs and 5 chicken breasts cooling on my counter right now. I am a MEAT HEAD, otherwise known as a protein freak and it couldn’t come at a better time. A dear friend stayed with me this stormy weekend and as we faced the snowy sidewalks I started having a fierce bout of Seasonal Affected Disorder, anxiety, fatigue, carb cravings and all. So what did I do? Of course introduce her to the YUMALICIOUS beet gnocchi at beautiful Aqua Santa, the Italian restaurant on my block.  Well, 2000 calories, 50 grams of fat and one time stopping belly ache later I found myself at the gym trying to do penance by sweating it all away.  Was it worth it? only during…..the after was a NO. So yeah, I’ll take the moniker meathead for now. Sounds better than pasta head, frankly.


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