My arms have been BURNED


20130217-140813.jpgOk,note to self: doing Pilates the day after teaching super sculpt and at the end of a long workout week will embarrass you and is in no way the same as doing restorative yoga. I knew that walking into Brooklyn Body Burn but I was too excited not to go.

Back story: I met Tracy, the studio owner on Twitter and have been harassing her to get into a class for a couple months. As a full fledged fitness nut, I was a little pumped that anything innovative in fitness would come to the my neighborhood in Williamsburg. When she finally gave in and invited me ( Thanks. Tracy!) I took the 1st class I could get which happened to be today, my rest day.

The studio is fresh, airy (see pics) and Tracy is a doll. I don’t know about you but I only go to aestheticians with nice skin, hairstylists with nice hair and fitness people with nice bodies. Tracy is a lean mean Pilates machine! Ok, she’s not mean at all, quite lovely in fact, but she’s lithe which made me warm up to the Megaformer aka Instrument of Awesome Torture more.

The 6 other ladies and I then spent the next hour pushing and pulling ourselves on this contraption until we were shaking masses of sweatiness. Heaven! The class is fast paced which makes the time go by quickly but could hinder someone who didn’t have the hang of it right away. Still, we had Tracy’a cues and followed the example of Marcus, another teacher positioned to demo the moves. Each class is different and today’s Sunday class was shoulder friendly ( or shoulder hating); I can STILL feel mine firing along with my glutes and core. If you want to get tight and lean I’m guessing you can make that happen at BBB fairly quickly. Definitely going back and definitely two thumbs up!




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