The Buffest I’ve ever been and other news…


ImageTraining for a performance competition is one thing but training solely for aesthetics is a WHOLE other ball of wax, folks. Many of the things I’ve learned about endurance work do not apply and the eating schedule is no joke! My esteemed trainer Amira Lamb, who has won the competition I have entered ( a few times, I think) has been supportive and clear about the expectations. Turns out that the amount of protein I have been eating, although a lot for me, is not nearly enough for the uber-sculpted look I’m going for. Have taken my 1st set of progress photos ( that’s my backside up there) and gotten my measurements this week which is why this headline is what it is: I have never been heavier and I only have 2 more points of body fat to reduce. That means clean eating all the way, baby!!


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