Ellie.com: Review


ImageHey Gang,

Remember I told you about Ellie.com,  the fitness clothing subscription service, awhile ago? well, my outfit just arrived. Granted, it’s about 3 weeks late but to their credit Ellie JUST started and received an overwhelmingly positive response. So much so that us greedy customers crashed their site!! Anyway, I was more than pleased when I saw the shiny pink envelope in my mail and knew that it was Elie. Finally! So here are the deets: I ordered the Vixen top which retails for $49.95 and Electric Love leggings which sells for $54.95. I chose the subscription service which at the moment enables you to get BOTH pieces for only $39.95 per month (!!). Cool, right? I mean, exercise clothes are so pricey and Ellie touts itself as the answer to those of us who like good quality workout gear that feature all of the same bells and whistles like dri-Fit and anti-microbial fabrics like Lulu and the other mother expensive brands.

The Good: The Vixen top is a sexy take on a racer tank featuring an attached bra. Ladies, if you are busty you might not want to bother as I had to wear an extra sports bra to strap the girls down. White is also see through (duh)

The leggings are a GREAT color and I got many compliments on them. I didn’t expect the fabric to be as woven ( think heavy duty, cold weather tights) as it is BUT they camouflaged all flaws and the sweaty areas disappeared within minutes ( cool!). In short, nothing showed through which makes them a winner.

The Bad: I’d say the shipment time was a bit disheartening but I trust they are getting it together now. The idea with the subscription service is that you fill out a “Style” questionnaire, get to preview new collections and choose the pieces you want mailed to you monthly.

The Verdict: If things go well, then this could be a really useful service to people like me who exercise a lot and like to look fly while we do. Whether or not these new pieces will hold up to my rigorous abuse remains to be seen but I’ll keep you posted!



3 thoughts on “Ellie.com: Review

  1. Katie

    I recently heard about Ellie.com also, the only thing I had a question I had and you might be able to answer, the subscription doesn’t cost anything right?

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