Why you should care about estrogenic foods and products


You’ve heard the term estrogen and estrogenic but do you know what they mean for you? Estrogen is the female hormone that stimulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and mental well being. It is well regulated in our bodies through various fine tuned processes. Any disruption in these processes can cause an imbalance of the hormone leading to fibroids, cystic breasts PMDD, and PCOS. In short, you don’t need any extra estrogen in your body and too little (aside from menopause) can mess you up equally.
So how does this relate to food and products?well certain foods can act like estrogen when consumed! These include plant based phytoestrogens such as soy, garbanzo beans, beer hops, coffee (even de caffeinated), garlic, pistachio and chestnuts, dried dates and apricots.
Certain plastic based products and additives used in cosmetics can elevate your estrogen levels. Parabens in all forms are an example of a widely used cosmetic additive that affects estrogen levels. My advice: use paraben free products and use glass bottles.
Too much estrogen in men affects their sex drive and causes weight gain just like it does for women. Eventually, too much estrogen is cancer promoting. Be aware of what you put in and next to your body.



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