Tiffany’s story: BIG SUCCESS NEWS!!

ImageWell…It is 2/28/2013 today. I have been working on this weight loss journey since November of last year. The goal for me (then) was to lose 30lbs by my nursing school graduation which is on April 19th and it was a SUCCESS!!!!! I began at a start weight of 223lbs then and stepped on the scale today at 192lbs!But it’s far from over(31lbs down and counting). This has only motivated me to do more. I’m highly motivated and truly dedicated! I went out today and bought myself a dress and some cute Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes to match. Did I mention that I was wearing a 2XL in November and my new dress is Large?! All I can do is smile and soak it in every time I hear, “Man Tiffany, you look good. What have you been doing to lose all of the weight?” Wanna know the secret? Work your butt off!!! Not just with the exercise. Food is the most important part. There was almost 3 weeks where I didn’t get into the gym. But I paid attention to the foods and drinks I was putting into my mouth. During that 3 week span, I managed to lard off 10lbs. It can be done, just keep going! I just had to keep telling myself, “You didn’t gain all this weight in one day, so don’t expect it to come off that fast either.”

Fabulously smaller,


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