6 habits of a fairly Healthy person


Ever wondered what healthy choices fit people make everyday? This list doesn’t speak for all fit people, just this one!
1. Start the day how you want to end it- attitude is EVERYTHING! Every morning I push away the anxiety of living in NY and decide to be grateful for what I have. I then remind myself that the things I don’t want are not set in stone.
2. A healthy breakfast is required- if I mean to continue feeling good then the 1st meal of the day has to be filling and healthy (protein + carbs and healthy fat)
3. No fast food, no sweet drinks- I’d rather go hungry than eat fast food or drink a soda. Seriously. I stopped supporting MacDonald’s and the like over ten years ago and there’s far too much evidence that says I’m right.
4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate- I sometimes forget to have enough water throughout the day. So I now love making cucumber green juices! Water helps to keep everything flowing through your system so drink up.
5. I. Must. Move- don’t get me wrong: I like a good couch session. But I make it a point to exercise via walking my dog and in the gym on a daily basis.
6. Relaxation is a daily ritual- in the morning it’s the snuggle with Molly, followed by brewing the tea and the opening of the drapes. In the evening it’s the changing into the pj bottoms and the making of the hot cocoa. Each helps to ease me into and out of the day. Quiet moments to reflect are crucial to remind us that despite the stressors, life is a flowing river that waits for none of us. Why bother wallowing in things that don’t matter?


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