I miss donuts: A hungry woman rant.


As competition training winds down, my food life is flashing before my eyes… I haven’t had a donut in over a decade and yet they suddenly seem like the best thing in the world. I would kill for a big steaming pile of curried chicken and rice, right now, or maybe some oxtail, followed by a toasted raisin bagel ( again, haven’t eaten one in 3-4 years) and finished off with some Greek yogurt ice-cream which is odd since I’m dairy-free. It’s amazing what foods you miss when they’re off limits.

No hunger pangs have really hit me since I eat every 3 hours but the cravings for these forbidden treats sometimes slay me at weird times and in weird ways. For example, I could eat the heck out of  a donut and almond butter sandwich right now! This tells me that my fat intake is low and that my fat pockets want to be refilled. It also allows me to marvel at how strong the human craving for FAT is. The soothing, calming power of that 3-letter word is powerful, my friends because when I say I miss donuts all I can think about is the creaminess in mouth. That mouthfeel that tells me that I won’t starve………Ok….it almost got me. I might just have half a donut in 3 weeks.Image


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