“How I lost 70 lbs to compete in a bodybuilding show”: Sabrina’s story


ImageSabrina is a fellow cycling teacher and the 1st  thing I noticed about her was her positive attitude and can-do spirit. Granted this was because we first texted then spoke over the phone but I could tell even then that she was full of good vibes. When I finally did meet her in person her contagious smile and sweet face compelled me to smile right back. But don’t let that smile fool you because behind it lies a steely resolve. This new nursing graduate y knows how to dig deep and achieve her dreams!

The picture above is of Sabrina getting ready to hit the stage for her 1st “Figure” bodybuilding competition.  That lithe body lost over 70 lbs to get to that point. Here is what she said about the experience:

What would I say to someone like me who is interested in competing? I’d say never give up! Never in my life did I think I’d hit 127 lbs amd be on stage. The world I’m from considers my former weight of 200 llbs to be normal weight in my genetically overweight family. Every time you fail, get back up. We all fall off the wagon (I did) BUT NEVER give up: believe you can do it and envision it. I would also say to take your time and lose it slowly. Your brain needs to catch up to your body. I’ve learned so much from competing. I’m using a whole different approach for my next one to lose slowly because I don’t want to rebound as badly as I did last time. I’m a recovering binge eater and competing kinda triggered it afterwards due to stress on my body. I was so depressed after that I gained 25 lbs in 6 weeks!! But I’ve finally gotten a hold of it. I want to stay within 10 lbs of competition weight and I think my career dream is to work with young women with eating disorders to show them they can and will overcome it!”

She is, in a word, AMAZING. Here’s to you Sabrina!!



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