5 differences between training and everything else


ImagePeople are often curious about my personal exercise ethos and the level of training I do regularly. The questions I get the most are  ” how often do you train?” and “do you plan on continuing this training” in reference to the various competitions I enlist in and my regular exercise schedule. The answer is: there is a difference between the two. Here I clarify what it means to train vs . exercise

  1. Training is based on a specific and progressive regimen towards a specific and defined goal ( usually performance or aesthetic). Exercise is based on health and has no specific end date ( no, it should not)
  2. Training has measurable markers that illustrate specific progress towards the end goal. Exercise does  as well but they might not be as defined except ” exercise to maintain/lose weight, feel better and live longer”.
  3. Training cannot be deferred and is what makes you run, lift, swim, bike or leap in rain, sleet AND snow. Exercise may let you cheat, hit the snooze button and sleep through all that.
  4. Training is what makes you say no to your favorite foods no matter how much you want them because they will affect the outcome ( performance or aesthetics). Exercise is what you do to pay penance for saying yes to those foods.
  5. Training is what fills you with pride, strength and more commitment  when you see and feel your hard work paying off daily. Regular exercise is what prepares you to take on training so that you can feel that same pride, strength and commitment.

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