How to tell if you are really content or have just given up.


lookbackinpinkNot sure if this is a universal feeling but for me, the 30s have been all about trying to maximize my time. Realizing how fleeting it is, trying to make the most of it, even being selfish with it because you KNOW it’s fleeting and WANT to maximize it. When you realize how fleeting said time is, you begin to come to accept the things you really cannot change. I say “begin to come to” because I am still a little defiant about my rear end and how much I can control it’s fall. SCREW YOU GRAVITY & FULL LENGTH MIRRORS!…ok, ahem, as I was saying.

So, yes, you very adultly start to realize that time is finite on this planet and wow, it flies so fast that you really don’t have time to squander it on self defeating things. Like the size of your body, bank account or Facebook Friends list ( please tell me none of us really care about that?) That leads you to accept the shape of your body, the fact that the toilet seat remains up no matter how much you nag, and that some friends are only for a season and some for a reason.  But when does self acceptance become giving up? Well, because our time IS limited I came up with this handy checklist:

You’ve might have given up if you :

Hide  or constantly change your eating habits-  do you secretly hoard /binge/purge on junk food but say you “love your curves” or dig your “svelte figure”?  Are you always on the latest fad diet hoping to lose those last few pounds? Then you really don’t love how you look or feel NOW. You might also need professional help. Think about it.

Use food, drink, or any other substance to self medicate- Is the only sensory pleasure you share with your partner from food and drink but never sex? Then you’ve given up on sex. Seek the help of a sex therapist because sex is fun. It’s the only  thing that separates you from being siblings and roommates. If you’d rather eat or drink than talk to your partner then, well, Houston: we have a problem.

Find yourself envying your friend’s success- Is your response to a friend’s good news to snark about their lives? Do you feel pangs of sadness that you explain away as Real Life in comparison to their Fantasy Lives. Then you might have given up on possibility! Yes, life isn’t a bed of roses BUT great things do happen. Don’t give up on your Great Thing. Ever.

Being truly content means being ok with what and how you are doing right now. It doesn’t mean you aren’t still improving but it just means you aim to get BEST from your current BETTER.


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