5 healthy habits that are making you gain weight


ImageMost of us have been there: you’re doing what you think is the right thing in the food and exercise department but you STILL can’t seem to lose the weight. At least not as fast as you want. What’s going on? well, it could very well be that all of those right things you’re doing. They might still be right but your execution is off. Check this out

  1. You Eat Breakfast...but only a little: Eating breakfast is a must but eating too little in the day time sets you up for massive hunger pangs later in the day. Breakfast is the perfect time to have your healthy carbs so add more with some lean protein.
  2. You Eat 5 Meals a Day….but they’re not small: The idea behind having 5 small meals a day is to keep your blood sugar balanced so you don’t binge. All you need a some healthy carbs, some lean protein and a little healthy fat. Think Spanish “tapas” sized for each meal.
  3. You Eat Fruit & Nuts….allll daaaay: The daily servings for fruit is 5 per day and no more. Use this handy chart from the Mayo Clinic to figure out what the proper serving size for the fruit of your choice is. The serving size for nuts is a handful and this article can explain to you what that should look like.  **Occasionally pair it with some lean protein like a handful of nuts to stay satisfied.
  4. You Only Do Cardio…the same kind all the time:  I am  Cycling Instructor ( among other types of exercise) and an avid runner. I get it. You love cardio. Still, your body is a highly adaptive organism and needs to be surprised often in order to change. Not only that, your cardio habit could be eating the highly metabolic muscle tissue you have which just makes room for the fat on your body.  Trust me, you WANT lean muscle on your body as it keeps your metabolism revved up and displaces fat.
  5. You eat protein bars…..a lot: Have you read the ingredients list for some of these protein bars?! Some are just glorified candy bars! Boil a carton of eggs and pre-portion your nuts to have handy. If you MUST eat a protein bar, choose one like Quest’s lowcarb/gluten free bars or Kind Bars which both have limited yet tasty and  healthy ingredients.

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