4 Strategies for healthy choices


work-life-balanceSometimes I think that Balance really IS the key to life in every way. People often wonder HOW/WHY I and others like me train and compete the way we do. Part of it is the “genetic ethic” that compels us to push beyond our limits. The other part is the life ethic that is powered by that genetic component. For me, it simply means that I want to feel good ALL the time up until the very last breath leaves my body while I’m having the time of my life.  Tall order, I know but I refuse to leave my health up to fate and work hard to control the variables I can. Oh, and then there is the vanity factor, let’s not discount that because it sure does help. Being the vain control freak that I am means that I, naturally, assume that you would want to hear my thoughts on how I strategize healthy choices.  Of course you do!

  1. Speak well, live well: I believe in the power of words over mindset because you can really talk yourself into and out of things with a few choice. Keep giving voice to the weakness in you while ignoring the strength and what you repeat will come to fruition. The same goes for your relationships.
  2. Consider exercise is the same as brushing your teeth: You ignore either activities long enough and you WILL experience pain and decay eventually. Do each at least once per day for the best results and consider both as required daily maintenance.
  3. The food you refuse will always be there:  One trick for battling cravings is to remind yourself that “hey! it’s not the last time I will see/have (insert favorite food here) I just choose to not have it now”. Personally, I crave foods the way I shop: I see something like and then  get some distance from it. If it’s still on my mind hours or days later then yes, indulging is allowed (portions are key!) Instead of eating every meal like it;s your last how about reminding yourself of the countless times you’ve had that  treat before?
  4. Be willing to give up some ideas and habits:  If you think wellness professionals don’t struggle with the same things that you do then you are very deluded. We struggle with body image issues, cravings, harmful mental patterns, the WORKS just like you do, fellow humans. Most of us have just worked hard on our willpower muscles too. Coupled with willpower is the acceptance that for every action there will be a reaction. Every indulgent food choice comes with a price that must be paid with extra time in the gym and/or restraint at the dinner table later.  After all, what goes up must always come down which brings us back to where we started: Balance. 

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